4 reasons to consider dental exam and teeth cleaning

dental exam

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Good oral health is one of those things we take for granted until it is gone. Don’t underappreciate your healthy teeth just because they have never caused you problems. By calling on a dentist at least twice every year for dental examination and teeth cleaning, you’re increasing your teeth’s shelf-life and of course, keeping low your risk of cavities and other bigger problems in the future.

Here are more reasons to include dental exam and teeth cleaning in your bucket list this year:

It helps you save money

Semi-annual dental exam and teeth cleaning sessions can help keep predictable issues such as tooth decay and gum diseases at bay as early signs are detected and thwarted. Preventive dentistry is more cost-effective than restorative dentistry as less work is needed to repair a damaged tooth.

It helps remove plaque and tartar

Plaque and tartar offer bacteria a perfect place to breed and multiply. Mostly, these substances accumulate under the gum line and in between teeth where you may not be able to reach with a regular toothbrush.

It helps prevent gum disease

Plaque and tartar are among the leading culprits behind the periodontal disease. Not getting your teeth cleaned by a professional increase your risk for gum disease as the substances provide a place for bacteria to thrive and multiply.

It helps boost your overall oral health status

Dentists can detect diseases such as heart disease and diabetes by just examining your mouth. For instance, diabetes sufferers are more likely to develop cavities than healthy people. Your dentist may also be able to detect oral cancer during a dental examination.

Book your first dental exam and teeth cleaning appointment today

Our oral care professionals at Gregory Robins DDS are focused on helping you achieve your dream smile. If you’re in West Covina and are interested in meeting one of our dentists for a dental exam or professional teeth cleaning, reach us through (626) 919-7707 to schedule your appointment.

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