5 Steps And No Downtime – Dental Filling Procedure

dental fillings

The dental filling procedure is short, easy and almost doesn’t have downtime. Here are five steps that explain how it is done:

Step #1 – Introduction to the procedure

Before the procedure, your dentist will give you a brief insight of what it entails and answer all your questions.

Step #2 – Anesthetic application

Since the procedure involves drilling, a local anesthetic is necessary to suppress any pain and discomfort the drill may cause. Your dentist will ensure the tooth being treated and the tissue surrounding it is completely numb before they start drilling.

Step #3 – Drilling and decay removal

Most dentists nowadays prefer water drills to the conventional dental drills, as the former is more precise with decay removal and are way less painful.

Your dentist will wash off the decayed part of your tooth and use a suction tool to remove the debris from the drill and water from the mouth. If the decay is too close to the pulp, special medication may be used to ward off infection.

Step #4 – The Filling

Once the drilling is complete and your mouth has been washed off the debris from the tooth, your dentist will fill your tooth with the composite material. Special equipment is used to place the filling material into the space left by the decay.

The material will be shaped and polished until the desired shape and look is achieved.

Step #5 – Hardening

Albeit not mandatory, a special light intensity is sometimes concentrated on the material to harden it and strengthen its bonding with the tooth.

You may experience sensitivity to heat and cold on the treated tooth, but this usually doesn’t last long after the anesthetic has worn off.

If you believe you have a cavity and want to learn more about dental fillings, call Dr. Gregory Robins at (626) 919-7707 today to schedule an appointment with one of the best dentists in West Covina.

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