Get Ahead of Dental Issues with Regular Exams and Cleanings in West Covina CA

regular exams and cleanings


Whatever you’re hoping to get from subsequent treatments, whether restorative or cosmetic, regular exams and cleanings present great opportunities to discuss your expectations. 

A dental examination may reveal opportunities for you to take remedial action before a problem gets worse, or for you to improve your smile and confidence. From rebuilding worn enamel to replacing missing teeth to straightening crooked teeth, you will have a detailed conversation with your dentist about your goals, possible treatments, your budget, and when you can schedule your first appointment to begin your treatment plan. 

During the consultation, your dentist will:

  • Access your risk of tooth decay and gum disease – The dentist will perform a comprehensive examination of your teeth and gums to ensure optimal health. In some case, this may require x-rays for comparison. The dentist in West Covina, CA can detect your risk for gum disease or cavities, and provide a personalized plan to help you prevent these problems. It may require you to change your diet, brushing technique, or make other appropriate adjustments. 
  • Check for root caries – Root caries refer to the lesion that forms on the tooth root, usually below the gum line. A radiograph is used to diagnose the early signs that include softening and a matte appearance on the root surface. If detected early, root caries can be treated by switching to a toothpaste with higher fluoride content, and perhaps a crown or restoration. 
  • Perform full oral cancer screening – Early detection and treatment are critical to averting the dangers of oral cancer, which is why you should always keep your scheduled visits. Oral cancer screening should be performed at least once a year, where the dentist checks your soft palate, the floor of your mouth, and sides and front of the tongue for early indicators. 

Affordable Dental Care 

While many people don’t see the need to keep their bi-annual dental appointments, this could put your oral and overall health at risk. Of all types of dental care (preventive, cosmetic, restorative), preventive care is the most affordable. So keeping your regular exams and cleanings for regular brushing and flossing is a smart investment that will save you a lot more down the road. 

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