4 Importants Questions About Orthodontist

Questions about orthodontist

An orthodontist is a professional who practices a form of dentistry that deals with the alignment of jaws and teeth. Orthodontists first attain a bachelor’s degree in dentistry before undergoing an additional three years of specialized education in orthodontics.

  1. What does an orthodontist do?

Orthodontists help fix your bite and smile by putting your jaw and teeth into a more desirable alignment using special appliances such as braces, trays, and headgear. While most orthodontic problems can be diagnosed and treated by a general dentist, more sophisticated ones can only be treated by a specialist orthodontist.

      2. Why do you need orthodontist?

Many people are born with crooked teeth, crowded teeth and overbites, which end up to be more than just aesthetic problems over time. Crowded teeth, for instance, can be hard to clean with an ordinary toothbrush exposing you to gum disease and tooth decay. Chewing and speech difficulties may also come as a result of a bad bite.

     3. When should you see an orthodontist?

We recommend that children be taken to see an orthodontist before they are seven years old even if their bite seems perfect. This is to ensure that any underlying issues are detected and treated early in their development and while the jaw is still young.

Adult patients are usually between the ages 50 and below, though orthodontists are these days treating even patients in their 60s and 70s.

     4. How to choose an orthodontist

For most people, dentists and orthodontists are two professionals impossible to tell apart.

One easy way to know if your doctor is an orthodontist or a regular dentist is to ask them before treatment commences. You can also tell by looking at how they advertise: dentists will use words like ‘orthodontic specialist’ because they are not allowed to call themselves orthodontists.

If you live in Covina, it should be easier for you. Dr. Gregory Robins is an orthodontist with years of experience and scores of satisfied customers across the city to show for it. Contact us today at (626) 919-7707 to have your meeting with him scheduled.

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4 Advantages of Composite fillings

advantages of composite fillings

4 Advantages of Composite fillings

  1. Strong and flexible
  2. Tooth-colored to make tooth appear natural
  3. More durable than metal fillings
  4. Tooth can be used immediately after procedure

What’s the composite filling procedure like?

Composite filling is one of the most popular procedures performed at dental offices today. It can be completed in just one office visit and usually has no downtime at all.

Once you arrive at the dental office, your dentist will explain the procedure to you and inform you of any risks involved.

He/she will use a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the area surrounding it. Once you’re completely numb and ready, the dentist will use a dental drill to wash off the decay. Special medication will be used to prevent infection if the decay was too close to the pulp of the tooth.

The filling material will then be placed in the space, polished and filed to achieve the desired tooth shape. A special light may be concentrated on the repaired tooth to harden the material.

You may experience some sensitivity to heat and cold shortly after the procedure but this is usually short-lived. Your dentist may advise you not to eat hot food or drink until the anesthetic has worn off.

How long do composite fillings last on teeth?

Composite fillings can outlast amalgams, though there is no way to determine how long exactly the filling will last before it wears off. Here are a few factors that determine the longevity of composite fillings on teeth:


  • After-procedure oral care – Your filling can last years if you give the repaired tooth the same attention you do your other teeth. If you brush twice a day, floss once and go for a dental cleaning and exam once every six months, you will maximize the lifespan of your filling.
  • Your dentist’s filling expertise – The skill of the dentist who treats you plays a major role in determining the longevity of the filling. A well-placed composite filling should make it virtually impossible to distinguish between the treated tooth and other natural teeth.
  • Pressure on tooth – Too much stress on a tooth may cause it to fracture and break easily. The amount of the filling material placed in the tooth in comparison to the tooth; where on the tooth the filling is placed; and how often the tooth is used; all determine the amount of pressure the tooth endures each time you bite or chew. The higher the pressure, the more likely the tooth is to fracture or break.


If you have a cavity that you believe can be treated using composite filling, call Gregory Robins Family Dentistry at (626) 919-7707 today to schedule an appointment and have your problem fixed by a qualified and experienced dentist in West Covina.

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What Happens During A Dental Checkup?

dental checkup west covina

Most people only take a trip to the dentist’s when they have a toothache or are in need of a cosmetic procedure, but rarely just for a dental checkup. This is because they believe they are already doing enough to keep any potential infections and problems at bay.

At Gregory Robins DDS, we understand that there are things your toothbrush just can’t help with.

What we recommend

We recommend that you go for dental checkup at least once every year to ensure these little things don’t add up to bring about more serious problems in the future.

Below is everything a dental checkup procedure entails:

Dental Cleaning

At Gregory Robins DDS, dental cleaning is our fast segment of the procedure.

It involves use of an instrument called a scaler to scrape off tartar and plaque that may have accumulated under and along your gum line and on the surface of your teeth.

You’re then rinsed clean to wash off the debris particles the scaler just dislodged from your teeth.

The dentist will then thoroughly brush your teeth using a special electric brush and grainy toothpaste to get rid of any plaque that may have been half-scraped.

Dental Exam

After rinsing your mouth clean, the oral hygienist or dentist will use special instruments to inspect your mouth for signs of tooth decay and gum disease.

Your tongue, palate and lips will be for signs of oral infections such as oral cancer.

Your teeth will be inspected for any evidence of grinding or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and your gums for any abnormal redness, swelling or red pockets.

Who qualifies for a dental checkup?

Virtually everyone is qualified for a Dental Checkup in West Covina. Save for a little bleeding that may arise from the scaler scratching against your gums, there are virtually no other risks associated with the procedure.

Visit our West Covina Dental office or call us at (626) 919-7707  today to make an appointment for dental checkup.

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Welcome To Our Covina Dental Blog!

general dentistry in west covina

Welcome to our Covina Dental Blog! Here you will find monthly high-quality articles about dental procedures that we provide so you can have an idea of what treatment will be best for you. We will also post good-to-know tips for a better daily dental hygiene. Comeback soon to check out our articles!

Who are we?

We have been in business for 35 years in West Covina, where provide all dental services under one roof: from our periodontist, oral surgeon, endodontist to our orthodontist. Providing all these services allows us to take care of our patients without them being referred elsewhere. It guarantees the continuity of care, and the ease of communication between the providing doctors and their patient.

Our Services


Services we provide includes:

We put our patients first!

At Dr. Gregory Robins Family Dentistry, we are known for our personalized approach to dentistry, whether it is a small filling or a complex treatment, we thrive to make sure the patient is at ease, all of his questions and concerns are addressed.

We Are Committed to Your Oral Health

At Dr. Gregory Robins Family Dentistry, we are committed to ensuring your mouth is in excellent condition. We make this possible through a variety of different procedures that all aim to improve or enhance your mouth’s well-being.


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