These 3 Benefits Explain Why You Should Never Skip Dental Exam And Cleaning Appointments

Good oral health is one of those things we underappreciate until they are gone. Do not take your healthy teeth for granted just because they have never caused you problems. By checking in at your dentist’s every six months for a dental exam and professional cleaning, you’re keeping your health monitored and diseases halted before they can even become apparent.

Below are three important benefits of dental exams and teeth cleaning:

#1. Cavities are detected earlier through dental exams

It is irrational to wait until you have an unbearable toothache to see a dentist when you can pay them a visit every six months and thwart any possibility of getting a toothache.

Untreated cavities can be a cause of extreme pain, infections and other problems such as an abscess. At Gregory Robins DDS we advise our patients to pay us a visit every six months to ensure their oral health remains stable and monitored

#2. Dental exams and cleaning help you save money

Teeth cleaning sessions are a form of preventive dentistry as they are aimed at getting rid of potential causes of gum disease and other infections. Cavities detected during these appointments are certainly smaller and cheaper to treat than the ones accompanied by toothaches.

#3. Teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar

Plaque and tartar are among the main culprits behind the periodontal disease. Layers of these substances on your teeth provide a breeding ground for gum-disease-causing bacteria.

Dentists get rid of these substances using special tools such as a scaler to help significantly lower your risk for periodontal disease.

Our oral care professionals at Gregory Robins DDS are focused on helping you achieve your dream smile. If you’re in West Covina and are interested in meeting one of our dentists for a dental exam or professional teeth cleaning, reach us through (626) 919-7707 to schedule your appointment.

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