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General Dentistry

General Dentist in West Covina

At Dr. Gregory Robins Family Dentistry, we provide general dentistry services including the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide forms of conditions and diseases that affect your mouth entirely.

Committed to Your Oral Health

At Dr. Gregory Robins Family Dentistrywe are committed to make sure that your oral health is in a optimal condition. This is possible because we help you, through a variety of different procedures, to improve or enhance your mouth’s health.

Even though your mouth is a small part when compared to the rest of your body, it still remains one of the most important aspect of your body.

Gladys P.
Gladys P.
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This is a great and trusted facility. They have been in West Covina for many years. I took my children there over 30 years ago. Sometimes the wait is to long, but it is worth it. The staff is knowledgeable, and I have referred them to all of my friends and family members.
Mirian V.
Mirian V.
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Wanted to come back on here and post this review as I had a deep cleaning today with Diane. Wanted to share because I know some of us get anxious and I am that one anxious patient that gets super nervous going to the dentist. Dr. Kouz is the best when it comes to my other dental needs and of course helps with me being anxious but today Diane made my deep cleaning session an amazing experience. She knew how much anestesia to apply especially after telling her I have anxiety. Did not feel any pain and the best part is that I still don't have pain. She explained and went over the post care. This is the first time ever that I actually enjoyed getting a deep cleaning. Definitely recommend her. Of course the ladies in the front office are always helpful and I always get help when it comes to insurance coverage. This place is hands on my personal choice in Dentist.

Many doctors, physicians, and dentists believe the mouth to act as the gateway for your entire body. Some scientific articles have directly shown clear links between your oral health and its relationship to overall health.

We offer a wide range of general dental services including:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Digital X-rays and Exams

Personalized Oral Hygiene

At Dr. Gregory Robins Family Dentistry, we work with each and every patient to develop and establish a customized dental hygiene plan that incorporates dental exams, digital x-rays, and thorough dental cleanings.

We’re Here to Help You

If you have any questions regarding the general dental services we provide, please call our office at (626) 919-7707.

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